JEE Main 2019: Tensed Stories of Student After The Exam

Debojjal Bagchi Cleared NTSE, KVPY, JBNSTS, NSEC, JEE Main 2019(99.3 %ile) says that…

It was much poor than I expected it to be. I had always done very poor in Mains Tests as I am very bad in remembering things.

My shift for main this year was 9 Jan, 1st shift. The chemistry paper was mostly “NCERT Ratta”. I used to generally finish chemistry by 30min coaching tests but this time (in real exam), I panicked. It took my approx 1 hour to chemistry.

I knew I have screwed up. I tried to increase my pace in physics. Physics is my strongest subject but due to higher speed I did many silly calculation error. 🙁 Finished Physics in 1 hour. Physics was moderately difficult but time consuming.

Now I had 1 hour for maths. I saw first few questions in maths. First 5 Questions were easy. Did them. Looked at the timer. I realised I used up 15 mins in it.

45 min, 25 questions not seen only. Again Panicked. This time hands became wet.My efficiency was hugely reduced. 6th sum in maths. I knew how to do it. It was a bit lengthy. Did as per the process I knew. But, No option matching. Checked again. Found out I copied the question wrong. Did again. Answer came. But in the 6th question in maths I used 10 mins. (Biggest Blunder)

35 min, 24 Question not seen. Tried to hunt the remaining 24 Question to find some easy ones. Found a question involving Cramers rule. Solved it. But due to searching question I again wasted time.

Next 15–20 min, I don’t know anything. I didn’t look at timer. I promised to myself even if paper gets submitted I won’t look at the timer. Did some more 9–10 sums. Solved another question from 3D. Was about to mark. A dialogue box came to press “ok”. Times up! Couldn’t mark that answer.

Exam over.

Came back home. Checked Resonance memory based Key. Tried to remember the answers I marked. Some couldn’t remember. For them I saw the solution. If it matches with my method I took as correct.

As per memory based answers, I was getting 240. (Devastated)

After result :-

Today My response came. Now I can’t say anything. I just know I screwed up JEE mains. (Getting 227. According to rank vs marks prediction that’s 4k rank approx).

Physics – 87 ( 23 Correct, 5 Wrong, 2 non attempted)
Chemistry – 80 ( 22 Correct, 8 wrong, 0 non attempted)
Mathematics – 60 (16 Correct, 4 wrong, 10 non attempted)

If you will give mains in upcoming years. Just a piece of advice. Don’t study much in last few days. It just builds up tension and nothing else. I screwed up because generally I used to study 4 hours a day at max. 1 week before mains I studies 12–13 hours a day.

When I went to give JEE, I was nothing but a hot ball of tension.


Soham Purohit, studied at St. Mary’s High School, Pune  says…

The tale begins on the night before the exam with me tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep due to what lay ahead of me on the upcoming day. I resorted to counting sheep in a bid to shift focus from questions that were troubling my mind. The result? I found out I was good at multitasking. (Lol)

Fast forward to me sitting in the exam hall (skip frisking, clothes checking, identity verification, me getting hydrated, me attending nature’s call, me looking at the countdown timer for over an hour, me doing biometric attendance).

And so the exam began…

Scribble, scribble.. Before I know it, 23 minutes are over and I’ve solved only 17 questions in chemistry. I speed up…

I move on to physics after 35 minutes or so, solve most, leaving 4 for later and move on to maths, with 90 minutes to go!

Overconfidence and laziness creeps in, and I solve 24 maths questions.

14:59, 10 questions unsolved. Here I panic. One full minute passes while I’m just looking at the screen without twitching a muscle. I gather my wits.

More frantic scribbling, invigilator gives me my 8th rough sheet.

I manage to solve 85 questions (out of which 4 were guesses, 2 which later turned out to be right), time turned out to be a major problem.

Click, click, feedback about exam given, everyone files out, some dumbfounded, some dazed, some sleepy.

Now to talk in terms of difficulty of the exam, I would say not difficult in terms of concepts asked, but beautiful in terms of combining topics to ask a question.

NTA did really well in conducting this exam and raised it to the same level as that of Gaokao exam of China in terms of security and raised the bar of quality of some of the questions asked. Everything was perfect and carried according to plan.

Expecting 250–300.