L.I.C. offered a insurance policy to constitution for saving itself

The current central government recently passed some laws regarding citizens. The two laws CAA ( Citizenship Amendment Act) and NRC ( National Register of Citizens) has been in news for a long time. And as repercussions, there had been riots and protests all over the country not only against these laws but also in favours.

The students from many Universities of India like Jawahar National University, Jamia Milia Islamia, Aligarh Muslim University were on roads asking for their rights and freedom.

Seeing many of such unconstitutional activities, one of the oldest and trusted insurance company LIC ( Life Insurance Corporation) has offered our Indian constitution an life insurance policy to save its future.

Some called it a necessity for the future while others called constitution is already in safe hands. But till now, Happy 71 Birthday to our constitution and Happy Republic day to everyone out there.”

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