Love Letter of an Awkward Engineer

Dear X,

Before I met you, my heart was a null set; but when a vector of magnitude equal to likeness from your eyes at a deviation theta, made a tangent to my heart, I fell in love. Before you came into my life, my heart was like a search engine, surfing for true love; it was an isotropic antenna trying to catch whatever signals it could get, but now it’s a highly directive antenna, which can catch only one frequency, and that is yours.

Without you my days seem like a high activation energy chemical reaction without a catalyst. Your memories keep attacking my mind following SN2 mechanism. I am a laptop & you are its duo-core processor. Even the C.T. Scan of my brain would reveal that it’s just a 360 GB hard disk filled with your images. On the days when we don’t meet, there is no voltage regulation in my body but there is only back emf, I feel like I am short-circuiting.

You appeal to my senses like no other. Every time I look into your eyes, my eyes receive a digital signal which amplifies 100 times by the time it reaches my heart. Your voice creates a standing wave pattern, which resonates with my feelings. In no time you have been able to find the shortest route to my heart using Dijkstra’s Algorithm. Your love flows along with hemoglobin in my RBCs.

My love for you is like a quadratic equation with real roots which you solve by making a good binary relation with me. The limit of my love extends to infinity & I will never resolve it into partial fractions. This affection and care is ISO 9001:2000 certified & there are no loop-holes in it. Don’t ever leave me else I will disintegrate following 1st order kinetics. I can’t even think of living without you, because your affection is my latent heat and my life would be like unsolved polynomial of degree ‘n’ without you.

I know I am a geek, and every word in this letter may seem so complicated, but trust me dear that my love is not as complicated as TCP/IP protocol suite but as simple as peer to peer communication. May our chemistry always remain awesome and we keep bonding like Hydrogen and Carbon.

With higher order derivatives of love, affection and care;
Your nerdy lover


P.S. : I wrote this technical love letter during my first year of Engineering, way back in 2007 for a competition. I won the first prize for this one. That was just Rs. 200. ——-Soubhik (The Educated Moron)