Man arrested for teaching his dog to bite couples on Valentines

February has always been the most favourite month for all those people in deep love. On the other hand, it is also the gloomiest month for singles. Well everyone out in this world has been trying to fulfill this motive of their life since their teenage years. Some among us hit that motive real early and some fail to hit this till their 30s.

Recently, a case of such a guy appeared in Bhopal, India. A boy, around 26 years, had been training his dog to bite couples goofing around in public places. This news came into highlight when this dog was seen furiously barking at a couple on a tree. The place was soon surrounded by people around.

One among those people informed the police. Police sprung into action as soon as possible. Dog was taken into custody. And his master was also arrested from his house.


When this man was interrogated, he told the police that all his friends ditched him for their girlfriends on valentines last year. So he pledged about not letting them celebrate this day peacefully.

After him under trial, couples are safe till the next victim of solitude makes his move.

“सावधान रहे, सतर्क रहे”

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