Man changed his religion to Jain after getting habitual of living without onions

Almost everyone in India is suffering from the ongoing crisis of onions. The rate of onions has already gone beyond its limit. Due to which for a common man, it’s impossible to buy onions daily. And therefore people are now has become habitual of living without onions.

While on another side, the Jain community doesn’t feel any regret for the ongoing crisis of onions. Because they don’t eat onions as it is restricted in their religion. Therefore, they are living a happier life while other people are suffering.

Due to this, Gajodhar which is a middle-class man of Bihar has decided to change his religion to Jainism after being habitual of living without onions. He also spoke to CISTHETA and said, “I cannot live without biryani and due to lack of availability of onions in the market, I was unable to eat it and I started feeling depressed because of it but now my therapist said I should move on and therefore I decided to change my religion to Jain.


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