You May Soon Be Able To Share Your Insta Story As WhatsApp Status

Last year in October, Instagram rolled out a feature which allowed its users to share Instagram Stories directly on Facebook. Well, that didn’t come as a surprise as almost no one uses Facebook Stories which was introduced in March 2017. And, by allowing users to share Instagram Stories directly on Facebook, the company thought Facebook Stories would attract more users. Well now, after letting users share Stories directly on Facebook, Instagram is testing a way to allow its users to share Stories directly on WhatsApp.

The social media giant — Facebook is reportedly running a small test for the time being and is allowing users to share their Instagram stories as WhatsApp status. As mentioned, the feature is currently under works and is available only to select users. The official roll out of the feature may happen soon, however, the timeline of the rollout hasn’t been decided yet.

According to a Brazilian blog,  once a user has posted a story on Instagram, he will see a button at the bottom which would let users directly post that same Instagram Story on WhatsApp as WhatsApp Status. Once that Instagram Story is posted on WhatsApp, it will appear with Instagram logo at the bottom right which indicates that it’s being cross-posted from Instagram .

With this feature, Facebook is basically trying to expand its user base and enhance customer experience. This new feature will let users post decorated photos, videos, and GIFs on WhatsApp. However, much like the Instagram stories – the WhatsApp status will disappear after 24 hours.