Meet the Woman behind “Chai Pee Lo Fraands” And Why She is a Viral Meme Now?

The beauty of how deep is this glorious invention called internet is an intangible thing to calculate or add. While it touches everyone in every part of the world, it enlightens us with what is happening where. However, the flip side is that anyone, and everyone, can now be a celebrity on this magical floating carpet. The likes of Dhinchak Pooja, a dialogue from a movie trailer, a dancing uncle—you name it, and our country has produced these gems, courtesy the internet. If you have been active on social media, you already know that a lovely lady innocuously keeps asking a simple question: ‘chai pilo fraands’.

Hello fraands! Chai pee lo! Paape kha lo!  is A New Viral Trend now. In this blog, I am going to talk about the woman who become latest meme sensation.

Her name is Somvati Mahawar. No one has ever offered you a cup of tea with such affection as this woman in the video does? Somvati uploads 15 seconds video on an app called Vigo Video. Somvati Mahawar, probably didn’t see it coming. Her one ‘harmless’ video became a trend on the social media overnight. Not only tea, the generous aunty has offered watermelons and muskmelons as well.

Do not take her fan followings lightly too. She have around 28,000 followers on the Vigo account. Whatever she does at home she uploads it on the Vigo.Somavati’s fame is no longer limited to just a few apps. She has now reached YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Many have created many fake accounts in their name.


The Internet Is Filled With Her Memes And Funny Clippings. People over the internet are finding her mannerisms and videos to be immensely funny. There have been more and more videos and memes being created after her video went viral.

So what it the exact reason behind this genre of viral videos? Is it because we survive on fodder like this for our daily dose of entertainment or is it because this is the meme we need our friends to see, so that we can recreate our own version of it later (If you tell me you don’t say ‘chai pilo’ in a tone similar to her, you’re LYING!). It’s not even her fault. She probably made it for fun, and that is okay, what I am asking is, how much randomness is too much randomness? Let’s try making a social awareness video viral? I don’t know, we, the residents of internet seem to enjoy everything and anything way too much these days. Oh, but you know what is one innocuous conclusion we can draw here? A chai wala became the PM and the face of our country, and today a ‘chai wali’ is now a viral meme.