Misconceptions about Anand Kumar’s Super 30 you surely need to know!

Super 30 is an educational program center in Patna, India by Anand Kumar. Anand Kumar,owner of Super 30 organisation according to me is a huge Sensation. He started this organisation just to help the deserving(who can’t afford to take coaching) one’s to reach the Brand IIT. He started this Nobel Cause just because he was not able to crack IIT because of lack of resources. This organisation is worth joining for the students whose family income is low.

But, this Super 30 batch is really overrated because of some misconceptions:

Firstly, they don’t teach only 30 students from poor backgrounds, they teach approx 30,000 students every year.Those who looks extraordinary are picked up for super-30 batch.

Secondly, he also charge miniscule amount of money from students, but not to make money or find ingenious students who can fill his space when needed. Because, the money could accommodate all 30 students with better facilities and resources including daily food and lodging.


Thirdly, he teaches those students who do not have good financial/educational background, but have that penchant of knowledge and the curiosity to know anything. Infact, the reality is there is a selection exam for choosing 30 students one year prior to the JEE.

If you think success of Super 30 batch is real, just give answer of my one Question:

Why doesn’t he come up with 30 students’name before the results?