Modi Govt wants to host 2023 cricket world cup to increase rainfall in the country

World Cup 2019 looks to possess been badly impacted with rain and rain gods are relentless. Nearly each match is probably going to get interrupted by rain. Today, the most awaited match of World Cup i.e. India vs Pakistan has also affected by rain. Rain and cricket have played hide and seek with each other when the audience was trying forward to the competition.

Seeing the affect of rain over matches in World Cup, Modi Govt. asked BCCI to host 2023 world cup to increase rainfall in our country. While the other country is also supporting this idea because India is one which faces drought always (mostly in Maharashtra and Rajasthan).


Infact, according to some resources BCCI will construct cricket stadiums in Latur, a drought affected region in Maharashtra and in many cities of Rajasthan ahead of the 2023 World Cup.

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