MP Girl with vision problem outshined many visionaries by securing 94.4% in 12th

Once an old man stated, “Success sees no shortcomings”. An example has been put forward to prove the old saying. A 17-year-old, Kirti Kushwaha, a girl from Satna MP scored 94.4% in 12 Board Examination. The girl has a problem with low vision. But she never backed down.

Her mother told our team that the doctors clearly told the girl to avoid studying in the low light. The electricity board cut their connections off due to financial issues. Studying during the night was impossible for the girl. She only had the day time to study. But she used it to give tuition classes to the local students up to 8 standards.

The Girl was so focused that she ignored all the taunts that showed up in her ways. She waved her path from the thorns and pebbles.

The MP Board released the Merit and the girl scored her rankings in the Top 10. Her achievements taped that every mouth who taunted her about her shortcomings. Celebrating her inclusion in the merit list she said, “This is the answer for those who used to taunt me that you can’t do anything.”

She is definitely an inspiration for whiners and students who wait for their opportunities. Don’t wait for the opportunities, create them.