NEET Aspirant Gets Admission In AIIMS Using FaceApp

If you’ve ever been interested in however you would look after you age, then you must attempt FaceApp already. The AI-based picture editor has taken the net by storm — everywhere again. Celebrities across the world are using the App to share their adulthood photos with fans. However with each positive factor, there tags along an opportunity to misuse it.

An aspiring NEET aspirant used this app to generate to her old age photo so that she can get admission in any of the AIIMS College for giving preference to middle-aged or older students.

Shalini was trying to enter into any of the AIIMS college for 3 years. She wants to become a renowned doctor by pursuing M.B.B.S. from an renowned university but everytime an older student landed admission in his place.

She tried a lot of things to look old, like taking too much stress, used specs, started getting judgmental, spoke hours on spirituality, and also applied makeup on his face to get the aged look. But all in vain.


Faceapp came to his rescue. As soon as Shalini came to know about Faceapp’s old-age filter, he used it to generate a photo of himself wherein he looked old and wrinkled like a raisin. She used this image in his application form.

Unfortunately, her trick works and now she has an allotment letter of a AIIMS Bhopal in his hand.

Dear Shalini, if you are reading this article! I know you are exposed and you are feeling ashamed. But it’s ok, we all are proud of you for your admission in AIIMS, Bhopal and little bit of cheating is must, if you worked hard on anything and you don’t get it by staying loyal and true.

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