You are no longer safe in Azad Nagar! Armed potential murderers out in the open!

In a recent incident of serious attack, two men dressed suspiciously in black threatened the famous celebrity Mithun Chakraborty’s son, Namashi Chakraborty with a knife until he narrowly escaped being murdered in Azad Nagar near panchayat building, Andheri. The incident took place on a Sunday in one of the prime locations of mumbai. The actor took to facebook to voice his concern and was quoted saying “It wasn’t a prank, two other boys also ran for their lives when they saw me being chased, it’s a deserted and scary place. I got into a cab and saved my life”

He also mentioned that the scumbags are still out in the open and up to no good. The motive for such an attack is still unclear making it an even bigger threat.The goons are armed with dangerous weapons and can go to any limits to harm anyone for no identified reason, which means anyone could potential end up being their target.This raises some serious questions on people’s safety. A police complaint has been filled and we hope the police grabs these anti social elements at the earliest.

image source: facebook

Meanwhile, we advise every one to be careful and report any suspicious dressed or unidentified object to the police.