National Testing Agency (NTA) will conduct examinations like JEE Main and NEET twice a year from 2019 onwards. In one hand there are no limits in NEET attempts, as long as candidates are satisfying the eligibility criteria, but on the other hand, only 3 consecutive attempts are allowed in JEE Main. Thus, here is the confusion that whether attempting JEE Main twice in any year will be counted as two attempts or one? This is what the candidates are most worried about since July 07, 2018, when Prakash Javadekar cleared the air on NTA and changes in JEE Main 2019.

In the press conference, it was made clear that it is the wish of the candidates to choose to appear in any one or both the exams in a year. If a candidate appears in both the exams in a particular year, then their best of the two scores will be used to prepare the rank list for admission/counselling. Which means NTA will conduct JEE Main, as well as NEET, twice in a year for a single admission process. Thus, a standardised method will be used to prepare the rank list after both the exams.


The two exams are just to provide the candidates with an opportunity to perform even better. Candidates can appear the second time to better their performance if they want. But admission will be done once. Thus, logically, giving the two exams must not be counted as two attempts but one.

Therefore if you have attempted JEE Main in 2018, you will be able to attempt both the exams in 2019 and also both the exams in 2020. Although you must also fit into other eligibility criteria of JEE Main. Candidates are, however, advised to wait for the release of JEE Main 2019 Information Brochure as it will contain all the official and final details regarding the number of attempts. The information brochure will most probably release on September 01, 2018 with the application form of JEE Main 2019.

Originally written by AglaSem