Over 200 VNIT students report sick, claim food poisoning

The students of the Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT), Nagpur today staged a sit-in in front of the academic block demanding proper food and healthcare facilities on campus along with a list of other pressing issues.

The students were left panic-stricken after over 200 female students from the same hostel took ill last week.

While students allege that the incidences of fever are due to food poisoning, the college officials have claimed this to be a viral outbreak.

In light of the recent health crisis at New Girls’ Hostel and the perpetual bleak conditions in campus, a letter highlighting 21 demands has been submitted to the Director and Deans today. We expect an appropriate response from them by today evening. In case the demands are not accepted and the response is not favorable, the residents of New Girls’ will carry out a NON-COOPERATION  MOVEMENT at 8:00 p.m from their hostel gate. They expect everyone to stand in support of them.

Please note this is a NON COOPERATION MOVEMENT and is NOT a strike.

These girls require the support of each and every student irrespective of their year , branch at this hour. This is not only for the health issues, this will tackle every other issue as stated in the letter.

The scenario here, in reality is quite different. Today, there are more than 10 girls in ICU due to unknown reasons. The doctors at the health center refuse to comment. More than 150 students are affected with complaints of throat pain and stomach problems. The authorities denied all the claims and blames outside food and weather for the plight of the students.

Today, Students have to beg to the authorities for simply being heard.  On top of all this, the authorities, with all due respect, have shown that they do not care for the students. We live in a system which acts for it’s own survival, nothing else. The question is, are the lives of students, irrespective of in which college they are, so undervalued, so worthless, that we allow the administration to spin lies to the media, in order to save their own skin?


So the carelessness of the authorities is being blamed on the nature and its calamities ?.
And in addition to this food parcels from outside have also been stopped.
VNIT is facing some serious issue of food poisining due to cosumption of mess food in the girls hostel. And because of which number of students have fallen ill and 11 of them are admitted in hospital in serious condition.

As a institute of national importance such type of issues shouldn’t take place but goverment as well as authorities are very careless towards such issues.
We the team of ” CISTHETA” appeal the authorities to take some serious action against this.
Our prayers and well wishes are with the students of VNIT , NAGPUR.

If all the stated demands are accepted, the non-cooperation shall be called off without fail. The aim of the non-cooperation is to fulfill all the demands.