People Who Hate Maths Are More Likely To Be Single

There are two types of people in the world:

1. People who are good in maths.
3. People who are bad in maths.

Now you know I am also bad in maths and don’t know why I hate it so much?

Was I taught badly? Was I lazy? Is it just the way I’m made? I don’t know, but I’m deeply resentful of the time I spent doing maths when I could have been reading books, playing counter strike; or making memes. But I hate maths with a passion and if it were possible to commit hate crime against Integration and Differentiation, I would do so.

But for me it was ok to be bad in maths until I knew about a recent study according to which, “People who are bad in maths or hate maths are more likely to be single“. This study also claims that if you can’t solve the quadratic equations, then you can’t solve the equations of life.

They also added the fact that people who are bad in maths are mostly less passionate and lazy. Due to which, they are unable to attract other people towards them.Therefore, it’s hard for them to get in a relationship.


I always thought that what can i do to impress a girl because “Ladki Important Hai Babu“. Fuck Badal!

But now I know why I’m still single. And if you are also single like me, stop reading this article! Open your maths book and start solving calculus. It’s the only hope for you to get in a relationship.

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