Perfect Strategy To Write Answer In CBSE Board exams

CBSE Examinations is all about hard-work, proper paper presentation and a bit of luck. Therefore in 12th standard, teachers always tell students to improve their answer writing manner otherwise they may suffer a lot in boards; as mostly students were  busy in doing rough calculations as concise as possible for JEE preparation. Today, at cisthetaglobal I will tell what my mentors told me before appearing for board exams. Hope this helps….

Initially solve only those questions which you are sure about. You need not solve all the question serially. Skip questions if you are even slightly unsure about them.

Show the examiner that you are prepared and confident in writing your answers. Even if you are not :P.
DON’T DO CUTTINGS. If you think you have done some spelling mistakes or missed some words. Don’t cut them and correct. Let them be like that.


LEAVE ENOUGH SPACE BETWEEN TWO ANSWERS. You will find a bunch of supplementary sheets kept on the teacher’s table. Use as much paper as you like.

Don’t go on writing and explaining in too much detail especially in chemistry and physics. The examiner should not think that you are nervous. The answer should be precise and to the point.

ALWAYS draw diagrams, if any, with PENCIL. They should be crystal clear. Spend more time on them if you are left with. Draw neat circuit diagrams with direction of current and different values visible. They should not get jumbled.

And don’t do half answer at one page and half on the other. Leave the page if the answer cannot fit completely into the remaining space.

Underline or box the final anwer with a different colour (especially in maths). Also indicate the equations that you are using to find the knowns in physics.

DON’T LEAVE ANY QUESTION UNATTEMPTED. If the checker is impressed he will give you marks even for slightly wrong answer. But if you leave a question he cannot put any number on the question even if he wishes to.
And lastly try to keep a good handwriting.

When the examiner will open your paper he should get a feeling that the student is fully prepared. Your answer book should look like some beautiful painting, with everything clearly visible and no CUTTINGS.


More Number of Words doesn’t Mean More Marks. This is another misconception among the students. They think that writing more will fetch them more marks which in fact is not true.Writing unnecessary points with the answers which are irrelevant would make the evaluation more time consuming for the checker and the morale of the checker goes down while checking your paper which would only mean trouble for you. It is better to utilise that time to check and write the answers for the questions for which you are confident about. Students will only get marks if they have included all important points required in their answer, so writing long answers does not fetch you extra marks.

Luck Factor: The marks you get is not only dependent on how you write the paper but also dependent on how the paper is evaluated. After considering all these parameters, the marks may or may not be as per your expectations. There are instances in which students have obtained more marks than they have attempted in the is all about luck for which you do not have any control. All you can do is put in your best efforts!

So, as a summary one can conclude that, this process is not too think about. One must focus on study and making the answer sheet look good. And then it is some of your luck during the checking process.