Who is playing Sachin’s role in his Bollywood biopic “Sachin A Billion Dreams”?


Sachin Tendulkar’s film ‘Sachin – A Billion Dreams’ releasing on May 26, 2017. The film obviously talks about a schoolboy’s entrance into the big world of international cricket, and about how he went on victorious achieving record after record. It will talk about the recede and rise of Indian cricket in the nineties. But it will outstandingly touch one of the darkest chronicles in Indian cricket history – the match-fixing and others.

The film seizures Tendulkar’s cricket and personal life in considerable detail, as well as reveals few aspects of his life which have never been heard of or seen before.

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While many are still confused about the runtime, let us inform you this right away. Sachin isn’t a full fledged Bollywood film. Sachin himself playing a role because it is not a biopic movie, it is documentary movie.


I am writing down the complete preview and star cast of the movie, then you will get the idea.

Star Cast: Sachin Tendulkar, Arjun Tendulkar, Anjali Tendulkar, MS Dhoni
Director: James Erskine
Genre: Biopic
Music: A.R. Rehman

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The movie will also reveal some of the secrets of his garden shed that haven’t been disclosed as yet, trust me it will be one of the best documentaries ever.

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