If this poem about break ups doesn’t give you hope,nothing else will!


Here is a short poem for all those heart broken souls looking out for the love and care, they didn’t probably get lucky with.


“Everyday i wake up to find you besides me,
thinking how happy we could be,
in a gust of wind i realize its a sin,
life ain’t a pack of cards dealt for you to win,
wiping my tears from the cheeks that are wet,
gasping for breath,i get up from the bed,
hoping that the next day you would show,
and its all that i can ever know……

the angels in heaven owe me a task,
every night there’s a question i repeatedly ask,
in the middle of the night when “they” are awake
are “they” calling out my name,
is love always worth the fight,
even when your soul is draped in plight,
how long do you act brave,
is it until you reach your grave,
if i don’t feel well,
if i don’t feel right,
do i wait till i lose my will to fight…

waiting for the situation to get a little sorter,
i look at my reflection in the water…..
alas!it was a moment that i realized
that the answer was forever in my eyes….

forget the name,forget the face,
forget their warm embrace
forget the love that you once knew,
remember they have someone new,
forget them when they play your song,
remember you cried all night long,
forget the things they used to say,
remember they have gone away,
forget the way they held you tight,
remember they are not here tonight
forget they said they’d leave you never,
remember they are gone forever…..

your life can never be a mess,
love is a feeling that selfless,
how will your feelings be catered,
if you are always going to be the waiter….
if you always feel only sorry,
how will you grow to your full glory,
you were a hero before they came,
haven’t you now changed the rules of the game….
you may feel you lost your one,
but the world may offer you in exchange a ton,

it is time your senses be woken
you’d rather be heartless than be heartbroken…….

—> love-Prabshran

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