Pornhub likely to give free premium subscription to Indians during Janta Curfew

The spread of this pandemic is extremely fatal and there’s no way India was getting away from its claws without getting hurt. In a recent speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country and told everyone to stay in their homes unless it’s very necessary to hit the road. He asked everyone to take precautionary steps. He also asked everyone for a one day lockdown and named it as “Janta Curfew“.

After that, Adult entertainment website Pornhub has just given people stuck in coronavirus lockdown one more way to pass their time. Helping this step, PornHub came forward and announced to distribute free membership to Indians on 22 March.

Pornhub, which is the preferred porn site in India with many fans having premium accounts. Many more wanted to get the account but the cost is not affordable for everyone. Hence the company has decided to give it for free during the quarantine or the lock down period.

Sunny Leone was also seen sharing a video of her washing her hands properly and now this huge step. She is sure to get the Bharat Ratna for her selfless service to the nation.

Pornhub fans are lining up on the website to get the free porn subscription. Well, Prime Minister Modi has again proven himself as the messenger of GOD for Pornhub fans.

Corona Corona everywhere,

Not a single place to go,

22 March ko Janta Curfew,

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