Protestors are uninstalling CAB APP (OLA and Uber) to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill

After the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) passed last week, all over India many people are protesting against this bill and claiming that this bill is against the integrity and secularism of our country. Many protestors and police both are already heavily injured and still many incidents are coming forward from Delhi and other states while the north-east part of India is currently facing an Internet shutdown.

But now, the protest has reached a different level. Protestors are uninstalling CAB APP (OLA, Uber and many more) to oppose the Citizen Amendment Bill because both are CAB. According to resources, millions of people have already uninstalled the various apps of CAB and there will be a major breakdown in the CAB’s market because of protest in the next few days.

If you are also against the Citizenship Amendment Bill, protest by uninstalling the CAB apps that are installed on your mobile not by joining any violent protest or by destroying govt. properties. It’s our country and we are the citizens of India and we don’t have to show proof of this. It’s in our blood.

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