Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the first. Science is a beautiful gift to humanity and mostly people accept it by becoming a science student. Today, we show you perfect quotes that written when science students fall in LOVE.

I have travelled almost a light year in my mind to get the gravity convinced,
not to take the credit for my falling.
You can call me your lover or just a meteorite.
— Monica Swain

Whenever you feel sad just remember that there are billions of cells in your body and all they care about is YOU!
— Sid

In the world of variables, she’s my constant.
In the world full of gravity, she’s my consistent value of”g”.
In the world of variating atomic masses, she’s my constant atomic number.
And In the world of reversible physical changes,
Our relationship is the irreversible chemical change…
— Arnav Aarush

Teacher: Why did you fail in physics?
Me: Because I was busy forming a bond of chemistry between me and my crush!
— Saheel Ahmed

Enjoyment in life has become just like physics.
First consider…then neglect.
— Subhangi Tiwari

Our life emblematize an atom I am your electron..
And you are my nucleus..
Life seems paradize…
If there is no correction in theory of rutherford.
— Aditya

*Then* You’re the reason, I always wanted to be the “SUPERCONDUCTOR” for you.
*Now* You’re the same reason, I remains just “CONDUCTOR” for you.
— Muralidhar Sai

I am the charcoal cavity
You are my blow PIPE
You are my fingerprint Sensor,
Let me SWIPE
You are like the centripetal
Force which leads
My life in a uniform SPEED
You are the B.O.D.M.A.S rule,
For solving the problems of My life ,
to which I always NEED
— Lipsa

Falling of an apple became gravity,
Love at first sight became Chemistry,
Shooting of stars became Astronomical,
Rainbow in the sky became Meteorological,
Science has been trying to ruin Magic Tor centuries!
— Sakshi Vashist

I trusted the ultraviolet to outshine my dark sky, but it depleted my Ozone instead.
— Monica Swain

For a love raised in mercuries the temperature has changed its religion from Celsius to Farhenhite.
— Monica Swain