Rahul Gandhi tweeted in favour of Chutki, said “Chotta Bheem needs to be punished”

A lot has happened in India in the last few months. Now Indian twitter is overflowing with the hashtags “Justice for Chutki”. This sudden outbreak for the justice to the cartoon character Chutki left every Indian laughing and embarrassed. We Indians can never be this free to be asking for justice for a cartoon character.

Well, this shameful left us even more embarrassed when everyone saw a tweet from one of the so-called senior politicians Rahul Gandhi.

Yes, you read it right, “Rahul Gandhi”, the guy who was the candidate for the post of the prime minister of the nation.


He tweeted ” I want justice for my Chutki, Chotta Bheem has no right to marry Princess Indumati just because she is a daughter of the King. I want this case to be investigated. I know Modiji has something to do with it.”

However, we Indians should review our choices as our leaders. Don’t hype this news. This content is for fun and has no connections with reality.