Ranu Mandal does her make-up by electrolysis so beautician can’t touch her

Singing Sensation Ranu Mandal who got overnight stardom and became a celebrity is now a real celebrity after when she again become trending in social platforms because of her lightening makeup.

Now, everyone wants to know the secret recipe of her makeup. Thus, Cistheta also tries to reach Ranu Mandal in a party where we got eye problems because of her lightening makeup.

After this, we reach her beautician for her secret recipe and she tells us that Ranu Mandal doesn’t even allow to touch her. She did her makeup through electrolysis. For those who are going to Google electrolysis after reading this, stop!


Electrolysis is just a shitty chemical process which is done in a liquid called electrolysis and there are two rods in that liquid, one is called anode and other is called cathode. When we pass current through this, the substance of one rod(anode) gets transferred to another rode(cathode).

So at the position of the anode, beautician puts makeup content and at the cathode, she puts Ranu Mandal face. So when she passes current in that liquid, all the makeup paste into Ranu Mandal’s face.

In this way, Ranu Mandal did her makeup without being touched. Ranu Mandal has a golden rule of his life i.e. “Don’t touch me!”. And she will do whatever is good to maintain that rule. The CisTheta Global tried to speak with Ranu but she was busy in singing, “aaaaaa aaaaaa”.

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