Ranu Mandal sues touchscreen companies after people touch her photo in smartphones

Internet sensation Ranu Mandal has been trolled badly on Twitter for an angry reaction against his fan, who requested her for a selfie. After this incident, the video of it has gone viral in all social media platforms. While legends like Himesh Reshammiya Sir and Sallu Bhai are watching this video on loop because they also used to spend time with Ranu Mandal and they can be next.

But Ranu Mandal is thinking of something big, because this incident was not enough for Ranu. As now she sued the touchscreen making company after knowing about many people touching her pics on phone. Ranu was very angry when she came to know about people listening to her songs on smartphones and touching her photos on phone.

Ranu’s case will come up in court in few days, as the touchscreen companies are trying to settle the matter out of court. Ranu was ready for an out of court settlement but the person who was negotiating the terms came bit too close to her and Ranu sued him too. That case will be heard after the smartphone case is over.


Ranu Mandal has a golden rule of his life i.e. “Don’t touch me!”. And she will do whatever is good to maintain that rule. The CisTheta Global tried to speak with Ranu but she was busy in singing, “aaaaaa aaaaaa”.

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