Ranu Mondal to sing on Indo-China Border in order to force them back

China had already caused a lot of trouble for the world in the past few months in the form of Corona. But it’s the hunger for making trouble is still not filled. Chinese army forced their way into the Indian side of the Line of Actual Control ( LAC) at the Galwan Valley region of Ladakh Border.

Indian army held their ground and stood fiercely in the faceoff with those Chinese at the border. However, Our brave soldiers had put their life on the line and were martyred. But they ensured to keep their motherland safe and to lit a light of pride and patriotism in the heart of fellow Indians.

In this current sense of patriotism, Ranu Mondal, a rising celebrity tweeted to threaten the Dragon from tenacious talent. She said, “China has two choices. Either to back off and accept their defeat or otherwise tolerate the vigour and wrath of my singing.


This tweet has shown its wrath online and forced the Chinese army to back off. Of Course, this helped our soldiers a bit. In the chat with our team reporters, Army personnel said, “Thanks to Ranu Mondal. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakhir kisi kaam to aayi.

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