Reason why Amit Shah introduce the Article 370 Bill in Rajya Sabha, but not in Lok Sabha

Successful people don’t do different things, they do the same thing differently.

This fits for Amit Shah, here so whats different here. The difference is passing the bill in RajyaSabha first then in Loksabha.

Not only this he was away more ahead of what the question have been framed. He had taken node of President of our country before he placed the bill in RajyaSabha.

Amit Shah knew that he has a clear majority in Loksabha so it will be a cake walk for them, but it would be blocked in RajyaSabha, so he surprised opposition and all Parties by placing it in RajyaSabha which would give them no time to prepare to oppose.

Particularly Congress got trapped in the play as it has habit to counter strategy and mobilize other parties not to support govt bills in RajyaSabha.

Govt has already tested how deep is the water by passing Triple Talaq where parties like BJD supported and JDU,AIDMK walked out which is as good as voting by bringing numbers.

It was a cleverness and master piece of Shah. Also not to forget RajyaSabha chairman Venkaiah Naidu, who gave permission to present the bill.

Congress got shocked on this bill as it got caught unprepared. Meanwhile other opposition parties during the debates and seeing the mood of nation got divided on article 370 .

Parties like AAP,BSP, AIADMK,BJD change their tunes, and even few leaders in Congress stood with the govt, this shocked Congress.


Now it was the case of National Interest, so many party which where loosing ground cane with BJP to support the Master Stroke and JDU as usual walked out.

Credit should also be given to speaker of both the houses, that they didn’t adjourn the house amid the habit of opposition creating rukos.

I can only say history is created, if you dare to create it without bothering of the result.

And we all know the results the bill was passed in RajyaSabha on 5th August and Loksabha on 7th August of 2019 and there after both the houses were adjourned for this session.

So yes it was indeed a master stroke.

Thanks to Shah and Modi that they kept their promise and today in real meaning we became one from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

SOURCE:- Written by Mritunjay Sharma in Quora