Reviving Teammates In PUBG Can Help You To Crack NEET

NEET 2019 Result had declared on 5th of June. Many hardworking NEET aspirants had achieved their dreams by successfully clearing the NEET exam and many more are going to achieve their dreams may be next year.

But the students who are going to appear in NEET 2020, do you know that what things 2019 NEET aspirants do to score good marks in NEET?

May be not!

Many people had already answered this question and many blogs and facts are floating on Internet to tell how to score good marks in NEET but neither of any answer is perfect!!

Now a recent study took place on NEET 2019 aspirants and their result gives the perfect answer of the above question. This study claims that, “NEET aspirants who always revive their teammates in PUBG had better result in NEET 2019”.



According to them, people who always revive their teammates can never see other people in suffer. They always wanted to cure people as soon as possible. The also added the fact that, this type of people are more like doctors because both have the same moto “cure the people”. Therefore, such type of people have same mentality like doctors.

Infact, NEET aspirants who belong to this category always work hard so that they become a doctor in future and they are more likely to get good marks in NEET also.

Don’t share this secret with your friends! Seats are limited.