Scientists Discover How to Win Stone, Paper, Scissor every time you Play!


Rockpaperscissors. … Rock-paper-scissors (also known as paperscissors, stone or other variants) is a hand game usually played between two people, in which each player simultaneously forms one of three shapes with an outstretched hand.

Scientists from the University of Zhejaing, in China, discovered the key secret to winning the famous game stone, paper or scissors.

According to the scientists who studied the subject, there are hidden patterns in the way people play, that if you follow them carefully, you can predict the way your opponent plays and win the game.

They researched over 300 volunteer’s and divided them into six group’s. Every volunteer play 300 rounds against other volunteer’s of their group and they will pay him for every win against the player’s.

The result has shown that players do not behave randomly in their way of playing, as the theory of game is maintained, there is 50% winning chance for the player’s.  This new theory knocks down the principle known as the Nash equilibrium. When a player win a round, they will tend to repeat their action and continue the same action while the looser changes his movement of action or change the action from stone, paper and scissors. Therefore the anticipation of the play, could suppose the victory in the game.In addition, according to scientists, based on the paper or scissor or stone, issues such as competitive behavior in humans can be anticipated.

It looks that it is a mind game now and you can win a bunch of money by playing rock paper scissor’s.