Secret Behind The Spots On The Moon!

The moon is a celestial body that orbits around the earth and is the only natural satellite of earth. It takes moon approximately 29.5 days to circle round the earth . It will be extremely surprising if someone says that they have not seen the moon. With witnessing almost everynight, we also certainly have witnessed its spots. Have you ever wondered why moon has spots?

image source: Wikimedia Commons

Scientists have the answer, according to many researches, the spots on moon are the due to the magma oozing out and then condensing on the surface, leaving dark patches where its condensed. But why did the magma ooz on the surface and when?

A detailed study on the origin of moon led the scientists postulate that the moon was created nearly the same time as earth and from much the same material. The earth that we see today being calm, cool and habital had not been so in the beginning and so did the moon. The earth was like hot ball of fire, with lava flowing on the surface (not exactly ball actually), and the condition on moon was not much different too. With passage of time the incoming heat radiation from earth made the moon’s surface less. And hence, making it vulnerable to break and magma oozed through it.

image source: Wikipedia

So does the the other side also have dark spots? No. Scientists were surprised to find out that the other side has no spots. The reason behind this is that only one side faces the earth and it has been facing since its origin. The other side has never faced the earth, so, it never had to experience earth’s heat in initial stages of formation. So, why only one other side faces the earth? The reason is that the earth’s gravity and has clamped one face towards it and hence it is unable to rotate on its axis. And it is due to this reason we only see the moon with its perfectly imperfect beauty.