Should I take a Drop after 12th for JEE preparation? Find Here

The stress of cracking a competitive examination and getting into a good college after Class 12 is one of the most unnerving phenomena of a student’s life. Close to 10 lakh engineering aspirants appear for the exam and compete for the 11,000 seats offered by different IITs in India. The severe competition often results in students not getting their desired college or stream.

Dropping a year for the preparation and getting a better rank can be a crucial decision. Since a gap is reviewed by employers and post-graduation colleges alike, the decision must be made clearly. If your JEE Main 2018 result was not good and you are planning to drop a year in order to reappear next year, following are the factors that you must consider.

If these points resonate with your situation then you try JEE for Next Time.

You identified your problem of failure and can solve in one year or less.

You fail because you not get proper study due to absence of resources.

You now believe that, its not so hard to get better performance in next JEE.

You fail because you have chemistry as a week subject or any one other subject

Your failure is result of less study because you mainly focus on Board Exams.

You not feared from your failure and you will to try once more.

If these points resonate with your situation then you give up JEE for lifetime.

You does not identified your problem. If identified it will never resolve.

You are weak in study and not understand or solve question quickly even after just studying the chapter.

You think it’s too hard to do it.

Not willing do try once more.

After considering the above points, if you have decided that you don’t waste your one year in preparation. This decision is also good. Just join a local college, don’t listen to what the world is gonna say or think about you. From second fall semester, that is, 2nd year, join some good coaching either for CAT or for GATE. Crack the Exam and you’re done with your Brand issue. CAT or GATE is totally on your interest though GATE is a bit easier to crack.

However, if you believe in yourself and have got the potential and courage to give one more shot, then go for it. But believe me, It’s a long tough road. It’s also rather lonely as most of your friends have moved on and gotten busy with college.I think despite (and perhaps because) it being a difficult road, it makes you stronger and teaches you about yourself. So in a sense, any effort is worth it.

I don’t think you should drop a year and go to study in kota though. There’s going to be enough pressure on you anyway. Stay at home with your parents and take care of your health.

What are the pros and cons of dropping a year to prepare for JEE-Mains and JEE-Advanced?

Pros :

You’ll get a second chance.You can undo all wrongs you did.You can get a better rank.

You’ll learn how to rise from failures.There are many people who have succeeded in getting a seat at IITs despite having low scores in their first attempt.This phase will teach you many things you couldn’t have known if you had settled for a low score.

You won’t curse yourself for not taking the second chance since you were unable to get your desired branch/college from your first attempt score but you had one more chance.You’ll be satisfied with what you’ve got.

You can do something that will change your entire life in just one year.

The efforts and the fundamentals you make will not go away as a waste, even if you fail. There is so much to do after JEE and it’s practically impossible to succeed at later stages without the concepts. Some reasons : Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics lie at the core of Petroleum Engineering, a proper understanding of mathematics is required in Computer Science etc. Without the concepts, it’s never gonna be easy. IITians usually have a characteristic that they always try to master anything they do.I think this is the most important reason why IITs have such excellent placements.

Cons :

You will feel the frustration at some stage.Many of your friends will be having a social life at IITs and NITs while you will be studying at your home.You will miss many people but you surely won’t be having a choice.

The fear of failing again will haunt you, and it will keep coming again and again in that one year.

If you’ve scored enough to get some branch at IITs or NITs and took a drop to get a good rank, there is a chance that you might see no improvement or even get a lower rank in your second attempt.I knew a guy who had an AIR around 2400 in JEE Advanced, but took a drop since he wanted to study CSE at an older IIT. He had the best rank among all repeaters at his coaching institute .His rank next year was in 3000s .While such cases might be rare, but you must remain focused throughout the year.

No doubt, there will be people who will try to stop you, demoralize you.If you will give them your attention , they will succeed.
You will start to dislike people coming to your house , if you’ll be staying at your home unlike many who got to other cities for coaching. You must maintain some space and advise your parents to restrict visitors at your home, if this is your case.

Always remember, “There’s no wrong or right decision. You take a decision and make it right.”