Solving H.C. Verma’s Concepts Of Physics Can Make You A Pet Lover

Have you ever thought that solving books can make you any kind of pet lover.

May be not! but a recent research which is done on several JEE aspirants suggests that the students who love to solve the H.C. Verma’s Concepts Of Physics are more likely to be a pet lover and specially monkey lover.

According to scientists, Students love to solve the questions which use monkeys as an example. Due to which, they are more likely to be attracted towards monkey in real life too.

Not monkey! they are also attracted towards the other animals which they generally see in their daily life like dog, cat etc.

Infact, I also wanted my ex to solve this because she hates me! Just kidding.


Many people said that, “this book should be considered as the Bible of Physics“. And may be they are right because this book has the power to make someone pet lover just by solving laws of physics.

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