Son of an IAS officer becomes an Auto Rickshaw driver, hearty congratulations to him

Union Public Service Commission UPSC has been an ambition for lakhs of people in the country. Becoming an IAS officer brings pride and satisfaction to the parents, not mentioning the handsome amount of salary. Even I have been dreaming of becoming an IAS officer as well. Yes, you read it right, I have been dreaming.

But it comes with its toll. It requires a more than a good amount of studies, a lot of dedication, and a brilliant amount of hard work. To work for Indian Administrative services is also an opportunity to serve the nation. It gives you a chance to bring change in the society and fill the loopholes that you can see only as a citizen.

UPSC has announced the results for its 2019 batch of candidates who appeared for the exam of mains. Team Cistheta would like to congratulate all the candidates who cleared this hurdle.

But we have a recent story of an IAS officer whose son became an auto-rickshaw driver. The IAS officer told our team that he pampered his son from when he was a little kid. He never forced him to study. He let him have all the fun and parties he wanted. But this resulted in the kid becoming an arrogant and a spoiled rich kid. He never took his future seriously and ended with a career as an auto-rickshaw driver.

This may seem a little funny and amusing but this is an issue which needs to be taken seriously. No matter how much our parents earn, we should at least pursue a dream of ourselves. This would definitely bring you internal satisfaction and success which we all wanted.