Sonu Sood sent Hardik Pandya back to West Indies on his request to return home

Indian labours have become shelterless migrants in our country now. They have been migrating from different parts of the country to their respective homes barefooted. There was no arrangement for their food, water and shelter. They were not provided with any transport media by their respective state government.

At this crucial time of crisis, Reel life Bollywood villain, Sonu Sood, took the charge and became a real-life hero for those who seeked help.

He helped transport thousands of labourers who wanted to go home. Those who seeked help were given food, shelter and proper transport to reach their home safely on his own expenses. He was praised by many and criticised by none.


There have been reports of Indian Cricketer Hardik Pandya who seeked help from the actor to go his home. Sonu Sood immediately reacted on the matter and asked his assistant to book a flight for the West Indian country Jamaica.

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