South African are promoting test series with love and it’s much better than Indian ad’s melodrama

Star Sports struck gold when they came up with the ‘Mauka Mauka‘ ad before India vs Pakistan match in World Cup 2015. It hit all the right chords with the target audience and was a huge hit, it is arguably the best cricket promotional campaign of all time.

But since then sports channels have been trying to re-create ‘Mauka Mauka‘ everytime and adding non-relatable jingoism trying to invoke a rivalry which never existed in the first place and hence falling flat on it’s face. Probably they are trying to capture mood of the nation where everything too loud has a higher TRP (Ex: Arnab Goswami, Bigg Boss drama…)

While we have a history of rivalry against Pakistan, and some sort of rage against Australia but such feelings can never be replicated in a series against South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand etc.

Here is the lame ad Sony came up with for the upcoming South Africa tour of India. Talking about ‘badla‘, ‘apmaan‘, ‘kati hui mooch‘ and shit.

And now check the ad South African counterparts came up with. Sheer class. Paying homage to India for everything we have done for South Africa and South African cricket, from Mahatma Gandhi’s time in SA to becoming the first nation which reestablished cricketing relations with them after apartheid was banned.

I know, Indian ad is trying to touch the competitive part of the series while other emotional part. But, there is no need to show shit like “Sachin ka Apmaan”. It was not South Africa, it was Mike Denness from England who was in center of that controversy as the match referee. In fact, South African Cricket Board on the other hand supported Indian Cricket Team. The entire ad could have been much better. In fact there are much better fan made ads on YouTube. And competitiveness can be invoked in many ways, good use of music and montages are enough. There is no need of such melodrama.

Source: Soubhik Chakraborty