Struggles and achievements of Shahid Alvi (CEO of chutiya news) will blow you away!

Life can be very tough, but as they say, when going gets tough, tough gets going, and who can be the perfect example of this than the latest internet sensations, Kamlesh and Shahid Alvi, the CEO of chutiya news. Their individual achievements are so much we cannot list them all in one blog, so first we will enlighten you about Shahid Alv. In the next blog we will update you about the undsiputed Solution guy, Kamlesh.

1. Doing what you love

Both Kamlesh and Shahid Alvi defied the popular conventions and did what they love. Shahid could have joined any news channel or newspaper but then he would have been the part of the system and we all know the truth of these “presstitues” so he instead established his own news channel to take on the world of corruption.

2. Friendship Forever


He believes in friendship and his friends too. Whenever he is in danger and he wants some help, his friends are there to help him and to say “bhai bhai bhai”.

3. Talking about the problem at hand

Shahid Alvi rightly recognises that though the corruption is a big problem, but even bigger problem is lack of civic sense and bad infrastructure. If instracture will be good people will automatically will feel that they owe it to the nation to be good.

4. Not Giving Up

Life puts us in situation that many of give up, but our hero did not. He became the living example of Bear Grylls words, ‘Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.’ He adapted to the situation by agreeing “gaddha” which is due to lack of infrastructure is bigger problem than corruption. Then he improvised. At first he had he asked people to end corruption but noticing the present problem is different, he rightfully asked the “nagar palika” to do something. And finally overcame these difficulties and put up another video of his exploits.


5. Never be afraid of showing emotions.

Even the great men fall and even the mightiest of men cry, and so did he. He showed us how should not bottle up our emotions everytime, but insteas sometimes we should vent out our frustrations in the choiciest of words.

6. Loving the traditions and mother tongue

He could have used western slangs like but ‘f**k’ or ‘son of a b**ch’, but being deeply rooted in Indian culture and language he only used the words which connected to the common masses, otherwise how would they have come to know what dangers a “gaddha” pose for them. Ask yourself the question had he not shouted out ‘ma ka bh**da’ would you have know what trouble has befallen on him, and what trauma he had to suffer?