Study finds,Driving long hours can decrease your IQ. 

After gazing 500,000 subjects in 5 years between 27 and 63 age group, who drove for greater than two hours a day, the researchers concluded that individuals who had long using stints gradually decreased their IQ.

People who have spent long hours behind the wheel knows that the task takes a bodily and mental toll at the frame.A study accomplished through researchers from the college of Leicester in England has found that the apparently menial chore can also lower drivers’ brainpower.

Often driving for extra than to a few hours a day is terrible for your coronary heart.Operating a vehicle is a complex and involves activity that persistently requires one to solve and anticipate new problems.

These studies indicate it’s far terrible for your brain, too, perhaps due to the fact your mind is less active in that hours.This development plateaus once someone stops improving their abilities if you stop trying to be a better driver, there’s no obvious mental benefit.

“Driving causes stress and fatigue, with studies showing the links between them and cognitive decline.”