Super excited utensil banging girl disquiet people after PM Modi asked people to light candles on 5th April

The whole nation is under a 3 weeks lockdown till 14 April. Indian natives are being restless after three days. PM Modi planned to give out some tasks to the people to keep them busy and free them from restlessness.

Recently, he asked the Indian citizens to clap and bang utensils to appreciate the work of Medical Workers. This seemed to unite the nation during the lockdown and everyone in the country came together to show their support and unity.

We have seen many of the super excited cases of people who came out to participate in the clapping ceremony and took it to another level. One such case was of a girl who banged her utensil on the road until they broke in two.

Now, PM Modi asked people to switch off the electric lights and light a candle for 9 minutes at 9 PM on April 5. This gave people another moment to unite and cherish.

But, some reports of people pre-booking the fire brigades are all over the internet. People are worried about those super exciting cases who might burn everything around to show their support.

Well, don’t do such life-risking activities. Light a candle not for the PM but for the departed souls. Be sure to stay safe.