Terrifying True Facts About The Real Annabelle Doll That You Should Know!

Just like the film “Annabelle”, this year second part of this film “Annabelle creation” is coming to haunt us. But, before watching this film, you should know these terrifying true facts about the real Annabelle doll.

1.The real Annabelle doll was actually a normal looking Raggedy Ann Doll, not the creepy looking porcelain doll seen in the Annabelle movie and The Conjuring.

image source: Quora

2.In the movie Annabelle, husband John Form gives the doll to his pregnant wife Mia as a present. But in reality John and Mia Form are fictional characters. The real Annabelle doll was given as a birthday present by a mother to her daughter, Donna, a nursing student who was turning 28. Donna’s mother purchased the antique Raggedy Ann Doll from a hobby store in 1970.

image source: Quora

 3.Annabelle doll is not destroyed but  kept instead in a museum because according to some researchers, destroying the object didn’t necessarily mean destroying the spirit possessing it. Rather, it would result in the spirit escaping and possessing some other object.


4.According to the real Annabelle doll story, the owners never tried to throw away the doll.Their home had never been broken into by satanic intruders who passed a demon into the doll, nor had the paranormal activity associated with the doll ever gotten bad enough that they wanted to throw the doll away.

image source: flickr

5.According to some paranormal experts , there was a spirit of a seven-year-old child in the doll by the name of Annabelle who had been killed outside of their apartment house in an automobile accident.