We at CisTheta Global these days are approaching a milestone on our home at facebook. Today, we welcome our 500000th fan. We like to say: thank you, all. Thank you for being interested in our memes, our bakchodi, the blogs we like to share and the things we do. Thank you for engaging with us, we appreciate it more than we show, we think. You and other 500 K fans give us the strength to move on and come up with some better and more engaging plans for the people that love us.

image source: The Frisky

Our promise

We will produce more mind blowing memes in the near future, we’re striving for more engaging content and more conversation worthy stuff for our fans.


Our most Funniest Memes



The next coming months, we’ll give a boost to our Instagram efforts also, as we’re always hungry for more attention and more impact. At the same time, we’re most open for your feedback, tips and tricks. We ourselves got a lot of nice ideas about how we can be a more entertaining page, but we’d love to hear from you too. Comment on our blog, follow us on Instagram,  like us on facebook. You can also still call us on mobile. Just kidding, isn’t that cute? ?