The Real Story Behind The Trending BINOD Memes

The term ‘Binod’ is now a trending term and has become a new favourite among memers in India. Scroll through the comments on any social media post right now and you’ll surely find one or two people who must have commented ‘Binod’.

How did it all start?

The name went viral on the internet after a video from two YouTubers, Gautami and Abhyudaya, going by the name ‘Slayy Point’ posted a video about comments under various videos that make no sense whatsoever.

In the video, Abhyudaya talks about the hilarious yet bizarre comments one has seen under any YouTube video in the country or around the world. This was when he talked about a user named Binod Tharu who just commented ‘Binod’ in the comments section. That’s it. Just his name, nothing else.

The video that went viral is titled, “Why Indian comments section is garbage (BINOD).”

After which the name ‘Binod’ is being used in comment sections everywhere across various social media platforms, for fun among netizens.

PayTM is now ‘Binod’?

With ‘Binod’ having taken over all social media platforms, even PayTM changed its name to ‘Binod’ on Twitter on humble request of a Twitter user who goes by the handle @GabbbarSingh.