The Real Story Behind The Trending KIKI Challenge

Dancing on the road along with a moving car may sound bizarre, but that’s what thousands of social media users across the world are doing as part of a viral challenge — Kiki Challenge or In My Feelings Challenge — inspired by American rapper Drake’s latest song.

“Kiki Dance Challenge”

The challenge requires the performer to dance along with a moving car and then jump back into the car. It involves a slow moving car, with the person jumping out of the car and dancing to the first few lines of Drake’s track, ‘In My Feelings’, on road mostly in the middle of traffic. And yeah how can they forget a Photographer to capture that moment for social sites to get applaud. Ahh.. Sounds COOL!

How the trend started:


Although the “Kiki, do you love me?” song is created by Canadian rapper Drake, but the KiKi Challenge went viral on June 30 when comedian Shiggy posted a video on Instagram where he was seen dancing to the song on a road. Later American footballer Odell Beckham Jr also recorded himself dancing outside his car. Even celebrities like Will Smith have uploaded the video of Kiki challenge on top of a bridge in Budapest.

Seriously Dance on a public road and next to a moving car. It can be dangerous. Don’t you think so? Why people are jumping out of the moving cars, which is danger to them and others on the road. Inspiring kids as well. Please, Don’t adopt such trends. Take care of yourself.