The Backbencher Tips to Crack the Engineering Entrance Exams

If you are also a student with big IIT dreams then all you need to crack IIT-JEE is familiarity with truths and tricks that often go unnoticed by us. I have compiled a list of all these tips of IIT-JEE or other engineering entrance exams for you to check out.

Let’s go read them one by one:

Trick #1

All the engineering exams in India have objective, multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with four answers to choose from. You have to just circle the correct bubble.

Nobody cares how you do it – whether you actually understand concepts, cheat your way through the exam or just guess the answers. If they turn out to be correct nobody gives it a damn!

Trick #2

In JEE Main, JEE Advanced and BITSAT, there is a devil called Negative Marking to discourage blind guessing. But sensible guessing can help you get the best of it.

If you don’t know the correct answer, sensible guessing can help you eliminate all the wrong answers and gain marks.

Trick #3

Believe it or not, in all major exams, answers are equally distributed among all the four options: a, b, c and d. It means that 25% of answers have to be ‘a’, 25% will be ‘b’, 25% will be ‘c’ and 25% will be ‘d’. This is done to make sure that students do not get marks merely because of probability.

Marking scheme of the exam gives you +3 marks for all correct answers and -1 mark for all incorrect answers.

It means that if you only mark ‘a’ for all the questions – you will have at least 25% correct answers. Rest of the 75% answers will be incorrect. Hence, going by the formula below, you will get ‘zero’ marks in the exam.

[(X/4) x (3)] – [(3X/4) x (-1)] =0

It means if you solve 100 questions, you will get (100/4) = 25 answers correct. Multiply it by 3 and you will get 75 marks. But now, ¾ of your answers will be incorrect, which will fetch you 75 penalty marks. Deducting one mark for each incorrect answer will mean that you lose 75 marks. The net difference will be Zero.

Source:- askiitians