Tony here is clearly drifting in space, with no fuel, no water, no food, and as he said, oxygen for one more night. (or morning, you can’t really tell the time of day honestly).

First, I thought Nebula. She was in Titan with him, also the only other one that didn’t turn into dust on Titan. But, in the trailer, she was clearly in the same ship with him, stroking him on the shoulder, probably feeling empathy after hearing his last words with Pepper. Nebula is also going to outlive Tony, since her body is mostly made of machinery, thanks to her ‘lovely’ father, Thanos.

Then, it is Thor, God of Thunder, Son of Odin, the ‘Strongest Avenger’ (not). He has the Stormbreaker now, able to summon the Bifrost and teleport to his wish. But as shown in the trailer, not only is Thor extremely miserable and in some sort of cell room. Even if he travels to the location of the Benatar with the Bifrost, there is no surface for him to land, doing that right onto the ship will only severely damage it.


Pepper Potts and the rescue armor.This shot taken from the set shows that Pepper Potts is going to be suited up, probably even involved in saving Tony Stark. What do you think?

The rest of the Asgardians? This might be possible, Korg, Valkyrie, Miek and the Asgardian ship with just half of the original survivors, continue to drift in space. Suddenly, they come across another ship still with survivors. But this probably won’t be the case, since both ships should be out of fuel, they won’t be able to move. Unless Valkyrie suddenly shows some amazing feats that we didn’t know about…


But, after all, who will be the most suitable and epic person to come rescue Tony Stark and Nebula? There is no other than Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel.

After receiving the message from the already dusted Nick Fury, she heads her way to planet Earth, only finding a ship slowly drifting towards there. She will go in there, probably have a little drama, after knowing that Tony knows Nick Fury too, and sends them back to Earth.


Ok… This is what I think might happen to Tony Stark and Nebula, but you also must have a much more epic and crazy idea, right? So, what if Thor and Captain Marvel both go to save them, but believe each other to be dangerous? That would turn out to be one of the most EPIC fight scenes in the MCU to date! The battle can also show how Thor’s powers compare to Captain Marvel’s, as the Russo Brothers have said that Captain Marvel is the most powerful hero to appear in the MCU so far.

Two of the most powerful beings in the MCU pulling off an epic battle in space. Who wouldn’t want to see that?