Things that make Engineering Students Sad in India

What really makes an engineering student sad is that their hopes of becoming their dream engineer are slowly ,softly ,gently crushed and shattered into pieces. I think Engineering itself is a sad for the engineering students.

Let me tell you why…..

For 1st year students

  • When he enters engineering college he thinks about new things he will learn , technology he will feel ( machines , softwares , excellent website or app development ) but in reality he is just busy completing his assignments , write-ups and submission.
  • He learns just basics which is never exciting for him .
  • Parents or non engineering friends will ask why the heck is this pencil so light ?Why can’t see anything written with it.
  • Most importantly the false expectations of engineering life comes to fall/end.


For 2nd year students

  • What the heck is wrong with mathematics ? How do I get rid of M1 ,M2 &M3
  • Calculators are my best friend , can’t share with anyone during exams.
  • Backlogs keep coming back .
  • Belief from the word rechecking of subject is completely lost .
  • Having good marks above 60 is extreme and getting 40 marks becomes difficult.
  • Topper of his college in 12 or 10 is struggling to get passed or managing first class every year with great difficulty.
  • Will learn about glass technology saviour of many students.
  • You will become alien to non engineering friends who will think where the heck is he?

For 3rd year students

  • Till third year no one has physically made any device or app or software or made / studied whichever thing he expected to study while joining engineering.
  • For mechanical or electrical students – till now have not fallen in love or seen a girl since ages , they literally will do anything just to have a simple conversation with a girl .
  • Mechanical engineering students who wanted to design or make a car will now learn how to design a spur gear which is literally frustrating for him .
  • Civil students will be busy in drawing their gigantic sheets . trying to figure that one misalignment which will make them draw the same sheet once more.


For 4th year students

  • Now is last year will study from the very beginning of this year . A promise always to be broken .
  • Screwed with life , non engineering friends are doing MBA or master degree , crush is getting married , Campus placement is having less jobs and number of companies that to with only 1 year contract. Why did I join engineering?
  • Everyone kowns that no one knows nothing including the toppers. Teachers and placement examiner also knows it.
  • What if I get job or pass last year not clear the 3rd year backlog .
  • What have we learned in last 4 years is that we need more practical knowledge and guess what currently we have none of it.
  • Examiner in placement interview or relatives or society thinks we are relatives of Rajinikanth and know each and everything we learned from 1st year to final year and solving their problems is just a piece of cake for us.
  • And worse thing mechanical engineers are considered as mechanics , civil engineers as contracts who will solve water leaks or tell the construction cost of literally anything, Computer / IT engineers are considered as all in one solution provider for solving problems relating from PC , laptop ,smartphone to TV , apps or website not working , server ,software crash .


This Article was originally written by Paresh Patel.