Things you need to keep in mind before JEE Advanced (Based on true event)

This experience of JEE Main 2018 may not be the best among all, but surely is interesting than others. And this humorous experience will also tell you things  you need to keep in mind before JEE Advanced 2019.

Experience written by Anshit Srivastava, Here he go…

(Background: I am not a serious JEE aspirant. I never went to any JEE based coaching institute. My preparations were limited to NCERT level. I was expecting to score around 130–140, as I was able to score that much in the previous years papers. Still, I was hoping for the best.)

Date- 8/4/2018

Time- 6 AM

As usual, my mom woke me up. I drank a full glass of milk, and went to take a bath. I came out of bathroom in towel and asked my mom for the clothes I am going to wear for today. Mom gave me a grey T-shirt and a faded jeans.

Turning Point: I never liked faded jeans. It was a very important day and I can’t afford any risk on that. I asked my mom for the other jeans, she gave me a loose one with a leather belt. It was a very loose jeans. Imagine, if you are not wearing a belt with that jeans, it would get down to your knees in 5 seconds. But for me, it was not a problem.

It was 7 AM, and my examination center was hardly 2 Kms away from my home. As per the admit card, I have to reach the center by 7 AM. But I knew, others will come late.

My father took me to the center on our Activa. We reached the center in 5 minutes. There were around 100 candidates at that very moment. I was feeling very confident till that point of time. We kept on standing with the support of our Activa for next 30 minutes.

Then we went to the entry gate. Then something very strange happened.

“Bag is not allowed”, said the watchman. Okay, that’s not a big problem.

“Water bottle is not allowed”.. Oh okay, not a big problem.

“Anything except Admit Card is not allowed”.. Oh cool, not a big deal.

“Any metallic object is not allowed. Take off your belt if you are wearing one”. I was like WTF! NO! I can’t man!

I reached a new level of anxiety when he told me to take off my belt. I requested him to please allow me with the belt as it would be a big problem. He denied like I was asking him to marry his daughter. Their were few invigilators who came around me and asked me about my problem. I told him that I can’t go inside without belt, though no one there exactly knew me, but still I told them that how I would become a point of embarrassment the moment I will take un-hold my jeans.

But they were strict were the rules. I literally started crying from my heart(eyes had enough courage to control). I took off my belt, gave it to my father who was at the other side of the gate, took his blessings, and entered the premises.

Damn, it may become a moment of laughter for rest of my life, but I can’t tell how much nervous and embarrassed I was feeling at that very moment. I continuously hold my jeans through my pockets with the help of my hands.

It was 7:30 AM, when I stood up in the long line of hundreds of students being checked by the invigilators with my hands in the pockets. That jeans was trying very hard to get down on my knees, I wished I should have gained 20 KGS more so that the jeans would had fit right.

I never knew the rules of this examinations are that strict. Many of us wear something like this in our wrists:

But NO! You can cheat with that too. I also had this thing in my wrists. The invigilator cut that from my wrist with the help of scissors.

Then all the aspirants assembled in a big hall. I can’t explain what I was feeling when there were around 900–1000 students(plus teachers) were sitting in front of me, and I was holding my jeans with my hands. If I am not wrong, we all stayed there for around 30 mins.

My room no. was 302. So yeah, three floors were a big deal to go with the help of stairs with your hands in pockets in a strange way. Somehow, I reached there, entered the classroom and sat on the second last bench( as per my roll number). I knew I was very nervous till that point of time, not because of my preparations or something other, but because of the things happened in the last few hours.

It was 9:20 AM when the invigilators distributed the papers. I can’t tell what I felt when I opened the very first page. There were question related to chemistry, and I don’t knew what the shit was that. I took off my eyes form the paper, and calmed myself. OMR sheets distributed.

The worst thing I did was to jump into other subjects in 5–5 minutes. Like I was solving Maths questions at the starting, and after solving 2 questions, I was at Chemistry part. I started feeling stomach ache, thirst, headache simultaneously. I wished to go to washroom once, but I dropped the idea just because of my jeans (Stupid decision).

I really don’t know how those three hours went. And how I only attempted 25 questions. Final bell rang, teachers took the OMR sheet. And students started getting out of the room. I was the last one to get out of the room (for obvious reasons), there were few girls who figured out the thing when they left the room. I felt like they were laughing at me, but I thought that it;s just my assumption.

Then again the war began. I holded my jeans with my hands, and went through the exit gate in one breath. Saw my father standing there, he didn’t asked me about the paper at that time. I told him about the paper before we were about to reach home. He was not that disappointed. I was very disappointed with my performance. At that time, I was confident of scoring around 80–90.

Then came the answer keys. DAMN, I made some silly mistakes in few questions. Now I am scoring around 70. Please note that the events happened at that morning is not solely responsible for my poor performance. It was my failure, and only I am responsible for that.

So, any tips for the future JEE aspirants?

All your preparations and everything matters till the few days before the examination, but your final result depends on the conditions and your approach during the examination. And yes, please don’t wear loose clothes or loose Jeans at the examination day 😛