This Happens If You Stopped Sleeping?

Wake up! Are you late again? Sometimes we all wish we never had to deal with this morning struggle… But what if you just never went to bed? What if you figured out how to keep yourself awake forever?

How long could this sleepless “forever” last? Could you even be productive without recharging every night? When would your friends start telling you to get some rest? And what exactly would happen to your body?

How often have you needed just a few more hours to finish a project, to get ready for a date, or to enjoy your day off? If you took sleep out of your daily routine, you’d have all 24 hours of the day to do everything you never had time for. What have you got to lose?

After 24 hours

A really weird thing happens at this point. You start feeling really happy! You’re giddy, you find strange things funny, and almost anything cracks you up.

This is because your brain is trying to compensate for the lack of sleep by increasing dopamine levels. However, as you go on without sleeping beyond this point, all that happiness is unfortunately going to fade away. Your memory begins to weaken, your reaction time increases, and your parents will probably think you’re drunk.

After 48 hours

It gets worse. At this point, your immune response and your judgement become impaired. You’ll also feel nauseous and will probably have slurred or stumbling speech. In other words, your parents will be CONVINCED that you’re drunk. Worst of all, the very thing that drives us to do work: energy, is going to be almost completely sapped away. This is because your body loses the ability to metabolize glucose after this much time, so exhaustion sets in.

After 3 days

At this point, things start getting really bad. Why? One word: Hallucinations. That’s right, you actually start seeing things that aren’t there because your body is desperately trying to understand what it’s experiencing. A lack of vital chemicals and nutrients, and an exhausted mind and body do not make for a pleasant experience.

Also, all the previous effects get even worse and the body BEGINS TO SHUT DOWN. This is a sure sign that you’re on the verge of becoming a zombie, and after 3 days, you might as well be. You’ll barely be able to communicate or function like a normal human being.

The big question, of course, is how long has a person been able to survive without sleep? The answer is insanely impressive – 11 days! That’s right, not only did he manage to go that long without sleeping, but he also didn’t suffer any long-term health effects. Does that mean that you should also try this kind of stunt when you need to study for a huge test or finish a project for work? Absolutely not. The example above was definitely an extreme case and he was likely taking stimulants to help keep him awake.