This Poem From 11th grade to IIT Will Amaze You to the Bone

Done with 10th grade.

A dream was born.

8 legendary institutes that seek the best. The best of the best.

A passion to get into one of those 8 was generated.

A path to that dream was paved.

A path full of equations, concepts, graphs, formulae, laws, principles, fundas and terrible hard work.

Can’t get up early? Study all night.

Can’t study all night? Wake up at 4 am.

Study, study, study.

Practice. Rigorous practice.

Old papers.

Mock tests.

Math, Physics and Chemsitry vs. Me.

The pendulum, me. Simple harmonic oscillations between the three.

My b’day cap became a conic section.

My Holi pichkari became a subject of the Bernoulli’s equation.

My beer became a solution.

My oh! was now -OH.

My glasses. Ellipse, Optics and Silicate.

My spinning head had angular momentum.

My senses were differentiated and then integrated to the focal point of my preparation using Le Chatelier’s principle.


Lots of pressure and stress.

My preparation was facing friction and it was decelerating.

I needed a catalyst to accelerate my preparation.

Time left for JEE transformed from t to dt.

I convinced myself. Yes! I’m IIT material.

Increased my work output. It’s positive according to Thermodynamics.

Lots of tension within my spatial coordinates. Needed a strong reaction.

But stability deep within me. Equilibrium.

Practiced more. Continuity.

Lots of problems to do. Combinations. Permutations.

Probability of success high.

My base was strong. Acidity? I took Eno.

Lost weight. My tummy lost its spherical coordinates and embraced planar coordinates.

Gravity empowered by head to slip into slumber in those final sleepless nights.

No. Elevate. Increased my potential energy.

My confidence became an increasing function.

The function well within the boundary conditions.

An asymptote to perfection graphically.

The hard work was high.

The reward even higher.

Developed a brief shift from my axis for the boards.

Boards. Done.

Back along the axis. Axial advancement.

Judgment day. IIT JEE.

3 years of hard work.

6 hours of exam.

The gradient between me and IIT became zero.

I did it. Ecstasy sky high. Hard work worth it.

So what got me through?

Luck. Yeah, maybe, sure. Lady Luck’s a great date.

My passion, hard work and perseverance. That’s what Luck’s made of.

Luck. Yes, if that’s what you want to call it.

It made me what I toiled for. What I wanted to be.

My dream.

Now a reality.

An IITian.

~ (Written by a Memelord, an IITian, and backbone of CiSTheta)