In past few days I have seen a lot of comments where people have considered the entre Muslim community as terrorists based on the act of few.

Honestly, I am not saying All the Muslims are supporter of peace but at the same time All the Hindus aren’t supporter of peace as well. Radicals are at both the sides.

I have Muslim friends who visit pandals during Durga Puja and pray in front of the idols and at the same time I had Muslim friends who threw oblation way when it was given to them during Hindu festivals.

I have seen Hindus who always bow down in front of a mosque like they bow down in front of a Temple and at the same time I have known Hindus who shouts thing like “Katwe kaate jaayenge, Ram Ram chillayenge.” The second type of shits are on both the sides. And No one should judge the entire religion based on it.


Hinduism and Islam both is a beautiful religion and I personally don’t see a reason behind so much hatred amongst them.

I have a lot of Muslim friends and I feel happy to hangout with them, to eat with them. We have done numerous of nightouts and Trust me religion was never an issue for us to fight about but Idiots on the both sides of religion were.

And to people who say A Hindu and Muslim can’t be friends, Well We can and We are. There are numerous of friends who break the barrier of religions and set extraordinary examples.

Here’s few line dedicate to Hindu Muslim Friendship:

Teri Eid ki sevaiyon ki mithas mere aangan me ho Aur Mere Diwali ke diyo se roshan ho ghar tera,

Issey pehle ki Mere dharm ki aag me tu jale, Issey pehle ki mere dharm ki aag me tu jale, Khuda kare ki dhad se alag ho jaaye sir mera.

Tag your friends from different religion and Dedicate these lines to them ♥️?

Please read the entire article before reaching to any judgment about it and Do share it if you feel that It should reach more and more people.

Heartly Written By Anand Prakash Tiwari.