Only A True Doraemon Fan Will Remember These Unforgettable Gadgets!

If I have to choose one pet, I will pick Doraemon without thinking twice. Yes, he is fictional but growing up, this robotic cat made me hope for the impossible.However, life will be much easier if we have some of these Doraemon gadgets in life. Here are 5 most unforgettable gadgets of doraemon that you must be wanting in your life.

1. Anywhere Door

image source: thingiverse

The Anywhere Door is one of the most popular and frequently used gadgets of Doraemon. It’s prime function is to transport the user to whichever location they desire to by walking through it.

2. Bamboo-copter

image source: quora

It is a small gadget which is made of bamboo and it is used to fly in the air by attaching it to head.

3. Small Light

image source:

Small Light has ability to shrink objects and people to minuscule sizes. Its opposite is the Big Light, which enlarges objects and people.

4. Mini Doras

image source: Doraemon’s blog

They are mini versions of Doraemon, each with a different color. They can think and feel themselves and communicate with Doraemon in the “minidora” language. They have the ability to use gadgets, but not knowing what they’re used in.

5. Dress-Up Camera

image source: animation movies

It is one of my favourite gadgets used by Doraemon. It can instantly change a person’s attire as the design of the dress the picture that is put inside it.