Varun Dhawan tweets Dark is not that much complex than my movie Dilwale.

DARK series has become one of the most popular series nowadays because of its complexity.

Due to quantum physics, time travel and complexity in the relationship of characters has made this series the hardest one to understand. You will need a higher IQ if you want to absorb the storyline of this series completely.

Many actors, directors and filmmakers are taking inspiration from that series, but our Bollywood Starkids have a different opinion on this series.


Varun Dhawan who is famous for comparing his movie Dilwale with Inception now claims that Dark series is not that much complex than my movie Dilwale.

After that many Bollywood star kids are in favour of Varun Dhawan, as they suggest their fans to watch Dilwale instead of Dark. Some of them also claimed that Karan Johar can easily create a movie like Dark.